Our Commitment

The emerging practice of gravel is a reflection on the art of living in Angers and is consistent with public policies for ecological transition, smart territory and active mobility. This event, itself, is committed to a sustainable development approach and has received the REEVE “eco-design” label.


Nature is Bike showcases the ambition of a territory resolutely committed to ecological transition. It is a concrete example of the approach taken by the territory.

Nature is Bike can help in:

Raising awareness among the general public (in particular those passionate about outdoor sports) on many issues: a practice respectful of the environment, the preservation of biodiversity, the protection of environments and resources, the prevention of nuisances.

• Promoting soft mobility, cycling, cycling routes, green circuits in the agglomeration.

• Ensuring the transition towards a circular and responsible economy, towards sustainable tourism and the promotion of local know-how and products. Nature is Bike is part of this process of promoting sustainable tourism and results in the exploration of our territory through a deeper and more authentic experience.

We advise our participants to

  • Give priority to sustainable mobility to get to the event: by bike, by foot, by car-sharing
  • Bring their own flasks and eco-cups (water fountains are available onsite)
  • Sort waste: mini collection points (garbage, selective sorting, biowaste, masks) are scattered onsite.