14 June 2024


A legendary trial that takes you successively to the end of the Legend 300 and the Challenge 200, in less than 34 hours of cycling

  • Name of the ride : GRAVEL LOIRE LEGEND – The Pays de La Loire Gravel Tour
  • Start: Friday 14 June (THE LEGEND 300) and Saturday 15 June (THE CHALLENGE 200)
  • Arrival / Departure : Angers au cœur du Gravel Festival au Lac de Maine
  • Distance : 300 km + 200 km
  • Percentage of paths: 66%
  • Elevation Gain: Environ 4215m de dénivelé cumulé positif et négatif
  • Difference in altitude: Approximately 4215m of cumulative positive and negative difference in altitude
  • Route: Unmarked route, everything will be on a dedicated GPX track
  • Refreshments: 5 + 2 at the finish line
  • Type of ride: Exclusively self-guided Gravel cycling event, in compliance with the highway code
  • Registration and conditions of participation: Men and women over 18 years of age with an FFC, FSGT, UFOLEP or FF.TRI licence on presentation of the federal licence, Non-licensed cyclists (or for any other cycling or sports licence) on presentation of a medical certificate stating that there are no contraindications to competitive cycling.
  • Authorised bikes: Gravel.
  • Bikes not authorised : Mountain bikes. More details in the event regulations.
  • Compulsory equipment: Compulsory cycling and sports equipment for the entire duration of the event, as well as other equipment strongly recommended by the organiser, as specified in the event regulations.
  • Fees :
    178 € INCL. VAT
  • A safety and rescue system,
  • A numbered handlebar plate and GPX track
  • Loan of a GPS tag
  • A meal at the arrival
  • A local beer at the arrival
  • A finisher’s jersey at the arrival
  • Access to the Festival and all events

📄 Rules of the Legend 300

📄 Rules of the Défi 200

Destination Angers has prepared a selection of accommodation: hotels, holiday villages, campsites, etc. in Angers close to Nature is Bike Village and on the outskirts of the city as soon as you arrive on 14 June so that you can enjoy most of the Nature is Bike festival on 15 and 16 June 2024* Offer reserved for Nature is Bike participants.

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