With its commitment to sustainable, local, social and solidarity, the Nature is Bike event is resolutely eco-designed. This sustainable development approach is part of a dynamic of continuous improvement. This is why we are actively working to make Nature is Bike an eco-responsible event, through the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). More information to come on this page very soon! :)


Waste management is one of the main issues in organizing events like Nature is Bike. This management requires above all the information and awareness of all stakeholders before, during and after the festival: partners, exhibitors, public, technical teams … The Nature is Bike team wants to use its waste with the help of associations and volunteers.


For this first edition, Nature is Bike will undertake extensive research to propose alternatives that will reduce its carbon impact on the environment. Both on the lighting and on the power of the stage, the actions put in place will aim at energy neutrality.


On average, 80% of an event’s Carbon Balance is related to the transport of goods and participants. The Nature is Bike team wants to commit to limiting this impact through various key actions. For example, promoting gentle travel for festival-goers (public transport, carshare…).

Visit the Practical Infos page to discover our solutions.


Nature is Bike will offer festival-goers free drinking water fountains throughout the festival site. Several fountains, in partnership with Angers Loire Métropole, will be available to prevent the circulation of plastic bottles in favor of reusable gourds and eco-cups. Technical and logistic teams will also be invited to take part in this process by carrying their own bottle or eco-cup container.


Nature is Bike’s eco-responsible approach also requires the proper management of the catering part. The suppliers, carefully selected, favour seasonal, local products and respect sustainable production principles. The food stalls will offer containers to festival-goers that are part of this sustainable development approach. The revaluation of unsold items is an issue on which the Nature is Bike team wishes to work so that, for example, they can donate food to a local food aid association.

Public awareness

The gravel festival’s public must respect the host site and its surrounding environment. To facilitate this approach, the Nature is Bike team wants to support them by making them aware of the sorting of waste, the preservation of the environment in order to evolve towards a general awareness.

Further Information

The Nature is Bike team takes this desire for eco-responsibility to heart by implementing other approaches: a scenography that highlights local know-how and the revaluation of materials, unique and sustainable displays, Nature is Bike sessions enabling the exchange of good eco-responsible practices.