The night ride by Specialized 26 th June 2021

Gravel Night

The Gravel Night - Specialized - is the Gravel event not to be missed! On your own or as a team, surpass yourself on a fun and sporty challenge of 64km in four rounds, with mandatory passages through the Nature is Bike village at night time!

Opening date for online registration on february 11th 2021

The Gravel Night, what’s on?

Like the Gravel spirit, the night-time challenge breaks free from the codes of cycling. Meet and chat with the riders in the first part of the evening around a friendly Pasta Party to gain strength and talk about tubeless tires (or beers, or weather, your choice!). Between dusk and dawn, the go-ahead of the Gravel Night will be given from the nautical base of the Maine Lake. Regarding the playing field, you can expect dirt, gravel and trails along Lake Maine, all under a starry sky: lighting not optional! Dear riders, you will perform a total of 4 rounds, each time passing through the Gravel Festival to enjoy the rhythm of the music! During this passage, teams of 4 riders will be able to take advantage to swap the riders in the heart of the paddocks: but beware the team always has a duo in the race and this duo always rides together; that’s team spirit! It’s up to you to manage the order of the relays. For their part, solo participants will have the opportunity to stop at the ravito or technical assistance space Shimano Services Center. Finally, an explosive arrival is planned on the village to take advantage of the fervour of the public. And what about continuing the evening between riders over a good beer?

The Gravel Night, getting ready

Registration details I Solos (limited to 180 seats) I By teams (limited to 20 teams of 4 riders) You will soon find additional information about the challenge: removal of frame number, material control, bicycle depot, Pasta Party. Note that for safety, a mandatory hardware check will be carried out before the start of the race. On the route, no troubleshooting stations are planned (outside the technical assistance area on the Village. Caution: this ride is not open for Mountain bike. And in the inscription, what’s going on?

  • A numbered transponder on a neoprene bracelet with Velcro
  • the computer timing of each participant
  • refuelling and mechanical assistance in the paddock
  • a Gravel Night numeroted frame number
  • unlimited access to the wash area
  • access to the area technical assistance
  • course safety (emergency points)
  • a Nature is Bike t-shirt for solos or a custom bike jersey for the teams.
And of course, lot of fun!