The night ride 26 June 2021


Gravel Night is the nocturnal race not to be missed! Solo or in a team, surpass yourself on a fun and sporty course of around 60km in several loops with the added bonus of acclaimed passages in the heart of the Gravel Festival!

The challenge of night racers

Specific to the Gravel culture, this nocturnal challenge breaks free from the codes of cycling. The top start of the Gravel Night will be given at the heart of the Gravel Festival Nature is Bike. On the terrain, you have to expect dirt, gravel and paths, all under a starry sky: lighting is therefore obligatory and not optional! Dear racers, you will ride several laps, each time with a relay passage in the heart of the Gravel Festival to vibrate to the rhythm of the music! During this passage, the racers in teams will pass the relay on the paddock. For the racers in teams of 4, there will always be a duo in the race and this duo will always ride together: that’s what team spirit is all about!


At each passage, the solo participants can, if they wish, stop at the paddock in the Technical Assistance area.  Finally, a festive arrival is planned in the heart of the Gravel Festival to take advantage of the fervour of the public. And why not continue the evening between racers to toast to the winners! You will soon find more information about the Gravel Night event: registration, license plate collection, equipment check-up (this is carried out before the start of the race, as there are no breakdown service posts on the course, except for Technical Assistance in the paddock), optional bike deposit and compulsory briefing before the night race. Attention: this challenge is not open to mountain bikes.


Departure & Arrival

Saturday 26t June – departure around 9.30pm. Festive departure and arrival at the heart of the Gravel Festival in Angers.


Approximately 60km in several loops / Course in the process of being validated.

Elevation gain



A night event, it will consist of several loops along various routes in the city of Angers (streets, paths, cycle tracks, dirt or asphalt roads).

Type of course

Timed cycling event exclusively Gravel, solo, or relay in teams of 2 or 4 racers. Women’s, men’s or mixed teams.

Registrations & conditions of participation

Limited to 250 participants. Must be over 18 years of age on the day of the event. Holder of a FFC licence or opt for the non-licenced formula including the subscription of a day pass.


Specific bicycles for Gravel equipped with a road handlebar – Cyclo-Cross type bicycles equipped with a road handlebar – Bicycles equipped with tyres with a section between 32 and 47 mm.


Mountain bikes, hybrid bikes and all types of bikes with flat handlebars. More details in the event rules below.

Required equipment

The required equipment is specified in the event rules which can be downloaded below.

Rules of the ride

Download the Gravel Night rules.