Seasoned cyclists ride 26 June 2022

Gravel100 DT SWISS

Seasoned cyclists, come and ride the tracks of the Loire for 100km of pleasure and tests of stamina

Registration Register - Gravel100 DT SWISS

In case of a force majeure or a government or prefecture decree related to the COVID-19 crisis resulting in the cancellation of Gravel100 DT Swiss, the Organiser will reimburse the registration fees. If circumstances require, the Organiser reserves the right to modify the routes, departure times & organisational procedures linked to the smooth running of the event at any time. In the event of other force majeure or circumstances beyond its control (unfavourable climatic conditions, pandemics or any other conditions endangering the safety of the competitors), the Organiser reserves the right to modify or postpone the departure time by several hours or to shorten or neutralise the ride or to stop or cancel the event.

Tarifs 2022
Tariff applicable from February 1st : FFC licensees: 25 € Non FFC licensees or other types of licensees: 34 €

Gravel lovers, this cycling tour is made for you, with a hundred kilometre itinerary made up mainly of gravel and earth paths. Depart early morning alongside other passionate Gravel riders and savour the natural delights of the Loire landscapes, explore the Loire-Authion valley up to the Baugeois hills.

2 refreshment points will be waiting for you, an opportunity to recharge your batteries. Once you have reached the finish line in the heart of the gravel festival, share the adventure of the Gravel 100 DT Swiss with a special Nature is Bike beverage. You will soon find additional information on the course of the ride: registration, frame removal, GPX track downloading process … Warning: this challenge is not open to mountain bikes.

Gravel 100 DT SWISS


Sunday 26 June at 8 am in the heart of the gravel festival in Angers






A gravel route in the spirit of Nature is Bike, most of which is made up of gravel and earth paths. After admiring the Loire landscapes early morning, explore the Loire-Authion valley up to the Baugeois hills and return to Angers following the Valley of the Loir.


Non-timed cycling tour, exclusively Gravel, not leading to a ranking.


Limited to 400 participants. It is required to have a FFC licence or to opt for a non-member licence with the subscription of a day pass.  The event is open to all adults, male or female.


Specific bikes for Gravel equipped with a road handlebar, Cyclo-Cross bikes equipped with a road handlebar, bikes equipped with tires with a width of 32 to 47 mm. E-gravel bikes are authorised, with shifted departure time


Mountain bike and all the type of bikes with a flat handlebar. Find more details in the course regulations below.


Required or highly recommended equipment is specified on the course regulation

The registration for Gravel DT Swiss includes:

  • Registration, checking equipment and course briefing
  • A messenger bag “Nature is Bike”
  • A numbered frame plate
  • The GPX track of the route
  • Goodies from our partners
  • A safety and assistance device
  • Gourmet break on the way and a drink after the finish line